Monday, April 12, 2010

Our New Monkeys!

C&H have become very independent lately in many ways. For example, they want to walk where ever we go & they aren't big fans of holding hands, so I decided to buy them these monkey safety harnesses and try them out. We decided to go visit Pogee the other day for a 'test drive'! They did great & loved being able to walk everywhere! Everytime we get in the car now, Hadley wants her monkey to hold & hug's so cute!

Here they are walking into Pogee's! They thought they were hot stuff walking in the parking lot!! HaHa!
Saying hello to Pogee!
This is all Cooper wants to do when we visit...push her walker around!!
Taking a drink break!!!
And of course we had to stop & see the doggie!!!


amy said...

what cuties! My girls have the same 'backpacks' but they are 'doggieeeeees' as they call them. They LOVE them and want to wear them all around the house. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted about these! I've seen them in the stores and wondered if we'd like them! They look so cute!!

I didn't realize that C&H were only 2 months older than A&A... they seem much older than that! It's amazing how quickly they change! Yes - I wish you all lived closer, too! How fun would that be?!?

Lea Liz said...

I had to do the same and get one for Brody! He has the puppy! He loves it, not sure what others think about but it helps me so much because he wants to walk everywhere too!!

jenn said...

such a good idea...where did you find these?? pax hates to hold hands when outside as well

Amanda said...

Random Reader here! Love the back pack idea. I know some mothers are opposed to having their kids leashed. But in reality who wants to lose their precious babies and this is an excellent safety tool. Sweet babies. Good job Momma!

The Cochran Crew said...

I so needed this post today! I just went aand bought 4 and it was a hard decision for me. I know their safety is first so I went for it!!! Do you mind if I link your post in my post?

Machelle said...

I always swore I would never put my kids on a leash and I hated parents who did saying they must not have their kids under control or they are bad, I understand why parents get them. LOL! I think they may be in our future as well!!! Too cute!

The Campbells said...

I always said I would never use a leash. That's until I had the baby who was miss independent. She REFUSES to hold your hand and can easily outrun any one of us and she's barely 20 mos! I don't think it has anything to do w/ parenting. I've asked my husband repeatedly, "is it something I'm doing wrong?" and he reassures me that he is pretty sure it's genetics. I only use our leash at amusement parks and zoos, but it helps immensely to help give her that "freedom" without sacrificing my ear drums. Because she will SCREAM if you pick her up or try and hold her hand. LOL.

Also, it helps me feel better about her not getting snatched when I turn my head for two seconds.